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coconut festival in guam

Coconut Festival in Guam

The coconut is revered as the ‘Tree of Life’ in several tropical cultures and the Chamorro culture of Guam is also one of them. The use of this tree goes beyond food for the Chamorros and every aspect of Chamorro life is linked to this tree of life in some way or the other.

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Guam Tourism on Rise and More Airlines Fly to Guam

Guam Tourism on Rise and More Airlines Fly to Guam

This includes more fun activities, providing world-class resorts and events of international stature, shopping festivals, promoting Guam’s own Chomorro culture, showcasing everything that makes Guam unique, and importantly, increasing security measures to make visitors feel safe and secure while on holiday. Guam is also being promoted as a much-favored wedding destination.

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Smoking Wheels Racing Guam

Rev up those Smoking Wheels and Raise Some Dust

The 76/Circle K Smoking Wheels Racing event is entering its 33rd year and has become something of a much-anticipated tradition in Guam. Event activities include roaring engines, and motor sports competitions for road buggies, trucks and ATVs, mini bikes. The participants will take part in motorcross, 4X4 crawling, auto-x, drifting, off road endurance, and the second annual Hafadaze Auto Fiesta Car Show and Drag Racing Finals.

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