Boonie Stomping – Hit the Jungle Trails in Beautiful Guam

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When it comes to Outdoor activities in Guam, your trip to the beautiful island nation cannot be complete unless you go Boonie Stomping. “Boonie what?” you ask? That’s what they call hiking through the jungle (or boonies) in Guam.

You can either go Boonie Stomping on your own or with the Guam Boonie Stompers, which is a non-profit organization, committed to help explore the natural beauty of the tiny island nation and preserving it. Guam Boonie Stompers set off from the Center Court of Chamorro Village every Saturday at 9 am. It’s a new destination every week as volunteers guide you along trails to the several beaches, waterfalls, mountain peaks, natural caves, and points of historic and cultural interest that dot the island.

The degree of difficulty in negotiating the trails ranges from the easy coastal hikes to the very difficult mountain and waterfall trails. So have your pick according to your experience in hiking. It is also a good idea to go as a group.

What to Pack when you go Boonie Stomping

Guam’s trails are mostly undeveloped. So when you pack your gear, be sure to include all these:

Thick-soled Tennis Shoes or Hiking Boots

– You need a grip on those trails. Moreover, with the weather being quite unpredictable, a hike that sets off on a sunny morning could end in a rainy afternoon and the mud trails can get quite slippery.

Rubber Gloves

– The sword grass along the trails live up to their name and have razor sharp edges and if you happen to grab them for support, you could end up with cuts on your hands.

Light but Protective Clothing

– The sun can really beat down upon you. So dress light; but make sure you are well covered and protected.

Sun block/Hat

– The sun can be quite harsh.

Insect Repellant

– Don’t let the mosquitoes and ticks get the better of you.


– Carry enough to last you through the day.


– Most hikes end at a waterfall or pond or river and after that hike under a hot sun, nothing is more refreshing than a cooling dip.


– There are no restaurants along the way or at your destination.

Camera (Preferably Waterproof)

– You are going to find some spectacular views along the way and at your destination.

Here is a link to the upcoming hikes by Guam Boonie Stompers.

If you have any questions about Boonie Stomping, our staff at Days Inn Guam can answer them for you. They can tell you what to pack and also help you pick the trail of your choice according to how difficult you want it to be – or how easy.

Happy Boonie Stomping!

Boonie Stomping Mt Santa Rosa Cave

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