Chamorro Culture bowls you over at Guam

Guam is as famous for its beaches and sun as it is for the Chamorro tribe inhabiting there. When you visit Guam, discover the essence of Chamorro culture through the different intriguing array of cultural presentations available on the island. Chamorro people make up about 37 percent of Guam’s population. These tribesmen were the first inhabitants of Guam, and were known to be expert seafarers who probably traveled from Southeast Asia by canoe to the island more than 3,500 years ago. They built fast-sailing outrigger canoes called proas for travel and trade with the surrounding islands and also were expert weavers and pottery-makers, as evident in many cultural artifacts and architecture that remain today on the island. There are many facets of the culture that are still evident in Guam and are great experiences for tourists here.

Storytelling: Storytelling in Guam is an important method of passing knowledge from one generation to the next. The Chamorro culture is rich in myths and legends, and all of these are passed from generations to generations through the exciting story telling culture. Storytellers have long been respected members of society because of their ability to educate and entertain.

Architecture: You can witness Chamorro builders’ ingenuity firsthand amid the thatch-palm roofs of historic monuments designed to transport you back in time as if by magic. As you stroll the grounds, you will witness first hand as to how the Chamorros crafted unique structures such as the latte stone, built traditional huts known as Guma’ Higai, and raced through warm ocean waters in speedy proa canoes. Their distinct architectural innovations are only found within the Sinahi archipelago, the crescent-shaped island chain in which Guam is both the largest and southernmost island.

Eco-Cultural Sites: A number of privately owned eco-cultural retreats are located along Guam’s northwestern beaches and jungles. Each site offers a unique perspective as to what eco-cultural tourism is all about.

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