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If you wish to explore Guam, don’t stop with the beaches. No trip to Guam is complete unless you discover and indulge in its lush tropical beauty. And that is precisely what Tropical Tours Guam offers.

Tropical Tours Guam offers day trips that cater to all age groups. So whatever rocks your boat, be it snorkeling, hiking or swimming, you will find that Tropical Tours Guam has something for you.

The Most Popular Tropical Tours to Explore Guam:

1. Waterfall/Snorkeling Tour: This 4-6 hour tour takes you around the islands most picturesque waterfalls. Once you have cooled off under the cascades, they take you to one of the best snorkeling locations on the island where you get to be up close and personal with colorful tropical fish as you swim alongside them.
2. Cave Exploring/Snorkeling Tour: Explore Guam’s majestic limestone caves, take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the cave pools and take in the majestic views from up the cliffs on this 4-6 hour tour. Then head on to snorkel and swim with the colorful fish in the tropical waters.
3. Hiking Tours: This is a 3-4 hour tour that can be catered according to your needs, interests and experience level. This tour is a great way to take in all the best things that Guam has to offer – caves, waterfalls, scenic overlooks, rivers… everything as you get a good workout from the hike. So that’s a bonus!
4. Island Tours: This 3-4 hour trip captures the tropical beauty of Guam in a capsule as it takes you to all the main tourist attractions on the island, including Latte Stone Park, Asan Beach Park, Asan Bay Overlook, Talofofo Bay and Talofofo Bay Overlook.
All tours include lunch and transportation and special equipment like snorkeling gear, headlamps and water shoes will be provided. Some of the tours include a fabulous lunch at the Sunset Grill.
Professional photographs will be taken to preserve the memories for you.
All you will need to bring along are comfortable shoes, swimsuits, a towel, and water.

So, what are you waiting for, grab those bags and head for Guam. You need to see that Guam is not all about just sun, surf and sand.
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