Two Lovers Point Guam will bring out the Romantic in you

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You don’t have to be on your honeymoon to visit Two Lovers Point in Guam. With a name like that, the place is bound to bring out the romantic in you! Known as Puntan Dos Amantes in the local language, this is a place that symbolizes the love and devotion of two young people, very much in love.

The Myth of Two Lovers Point Guam

Like all legendary love stories, this one is also one fraught with passion, drama, strife and tragedy. She, the highborn daughter of a Chamorro chief was betrothed to a Spanish Captain, but was passionately in love with a young Chamorro warrior of modest means. The lovers tried to elope, but were pursued by her father and the Spanish army. They found themselves trapped atop a high cliff overlooking the Tumon Bay. With no hope of a life together, they decided to embrace death together. As her father and the soldiers watched in shocked disbelief, the two lovers tied together their long black hair in a single knot and leapt off the cliff together into the waves churning at the reefs below to meet a watery death.

Since then, the cliff top has been revered as a monument to true love in honor of the two lovers who were forever entwined in life and death and the place came to be called Two Lovers Point. The place has also come to be a metaphor for the unflinching resilience of the Chamorro culture and its people.

While at Two Lovers Point Guam

Two Lovers Point rises from the Tumon Bay at a height of 368 feet and being centrally located in the island of Guam, from here you can enjoy spectacular views of all sides of Guam – the shores of the Philippine Sea to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West, the volcanic mountains up North and the limestone plateaus down South.

Pledge eternal love to your beloved at Heart Lock Wall and enjoy the scenic view surrounding you from the Lookout Point. After you are done taking a stroll along the walkways above Tumon Bay, immerse yourself in the charming Chamarro culture. Enjoy Chamarro architecture in the granite and marble monument that tells the story of the two lovers in five languages and have a taste of ethnic Chamarro cuisine.

Two Lovers Point is open everyday from 8 am to 8 pm and has several amenities including a picnic area, art gallery, and souvenir and refreshment stalls.

Days Inn Guam is just minutes away from Two Lovers Point and whether it’s just the two of you on your honeymoon or you are with a group, we would love to accommodate you.

Fantastic Aerial Views of Two Lovers Point Guam

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