Guam’s exquisite handcrafted Jewelry

Guam is famous for some exquisite jewelry handcrafted by traditional Chamoro artisans. Over the last ten years, Guam has seen a renewed interest in the handcrafting of traditional Chamorro jewelry. Efforts by longtime local jewelry artists, as well as introduction of newcomers to this trade has ensured that this aspect of Chamoro culture lives on. This wearable exquisite jewelry is characterized by the widespread use of local natural materials such as clamshell, bone, spiky Spondylus shells from the peach and rose-colored mollusks of the same name, and wood from the ifil tree indigenous to Guam. Long ago, tortoise shell was also commonly used.

This jewelry often bears graceful shapes celebrating traditional subsistence practices or Chamorro architecture. Locally available yet beautiful and different looking substances like fish hooks and latte stones are just a few of the forms that can be seen decorating the wearers of this eye-catching artwork. Some artisans also commission custom made pieces of jewelry based on client’s preferences. Images of bamboo or rose blossoms are also unique to Guam’s style of gold and silver jewelry and are commonly regarded as status symbols. Wearing this jewelry shows a sign of respect for the culture. Distinct styles of jewelry are available for men and women.

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