Guam’s Spanish Connection

Guam has connections with many cultures across the world and Spain is one of them. Guam was once a Spanish colony, and hence carries a lot of Spanish flavor in its history and culture. Plaza de España, located in Hagatna, used to serve as the center of cultural, religious and government activities for centuries during the Spanish reign and is of paramount importance if you are a history buff in search of Spanish connections in Guam. In the 1660s, the Spanish colonial government had chosen this site as the Plaza Principál.

There are many historic sites here which include the Azotea, the last remaining structural element of the Governor’s Palace; the Almacen Arches, Guam’s signature triple arches that were once the entrance of the royal warehouse built in 1736; and the Chocolate House, the small round building that was used by both the Spanish and American administrations to host get togethers where beverages and pastries were served.

Overall, Spain is an important slice of Guam’s history and you should take some time to explore it. Also make sure to book your hotel at Days Inn, Guam for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

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