Guam Tourism booming with Influx of Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourists flock to Guam

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Guam tourism is witnessing a big boom as more and more Chinese tourists who wish to see the Unites States, take a short flight to Guam. Technically, Guam is part of the US -it is an overseas territory – and America’s day begins on this tiny island. Moreover, it is just a short five hours away from Beijing; a much shorter trip than one to some of the Southeast Asian islands. The rising safety concerns in some regions of Southeast Asia is another reason they look to Guam. So, for Chinese tourists looking for a short vacation, Guam seems pretty ideal.

Cashing in on this influx, airline companies are launching more flights – both regular and chartered- to Guam, not only from Beijing, but also from smaller Chinese cities. Going by these counts industry pundits predict that by 2020, 5.7 percent of Guam’s total number of tourists will be Chinese.

And if the currently in the works, visa waiver-free policy is granted to China, it will only prove to be a shot in the arm for the already booming Guam tourism. Moreover, Guam plans to go beyond mere tourism and hopes for some serious investments from the Chinese that could benefit its economy.In the wake of all this, the Hotel Industry in Guam is experiencing growth and Guam is gearing up to meet this burgeoning flow by building more hotels and introducing facilities that cater specially to Chinese tourists.

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