Mangilao Donne Festival – Come Celebrate Guam’s Hot Pepper

Mangilao Donne Festival

Pack your bags and head to Guam for its Mangilao Donne Festival if you are a foodie who loves to travel. So what is the Mangilao Donne Festival?

How many vegetables get to have their own festival? Or for that matter, how many cultures celebrate their favorite vegetable? The answer to both is few. Very few. Guam and its hot pepper fondly called ‘Donne’ is a match made in heaven and you will find that donne is a staple ingredient in Guam cuisine that peps up most of their dishes. So it is no wonder that the people of Guam celebrate their beloved hot pepper in what is known as the Mangilao Donne Festival, Mangilao being the village with a rich historical past and great agricultural heritage, where the event is held every year.

Details of Mangilao Donne Festival:

Date: Sep 11-13, 2015.

Time: 5 to 10pm on Friday,

10am to 10pm on Saturday

10am to 6pm on Sunday.

Location: Mangilao, at the festival grounds next to the Mangilao Church on Route 10.

Phone: 734-2163/5731

The Mangilao Donne Festival celebrates Guam’s hot pepper with food, contests, cooking demonstrations, and live entertainment all through the weekend. This year also marks the launching of Guam’s neighborhood Farmer’s Market, which the village of Mangilao is organizing in partnership with Farm to Table. This will give a platform for local farmers and agriculturalists to showcase their produce and also food made with local ingredients.

The Mangilao Donne Festival will be off to a start at 6 pm on Friday the 11th of September and the first event is to be the coronation of the Festival Queen. Popular events at the Mangilao Donne Festival include the contest for amateur chefs for the best ‘Kadon Pika,’ a spicy stew which is the island’s signature dish and ‘Dinanche’ (Pepper Sauce). A new addition this year is a contest for the best Pika Dessert or Spicy Dessert. Judges will also be on the lookout for the Most Beautiful Donne Plant.

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