Cocos Crossing

A Guam treat for Swimming Enthusiasts, Cocos Crossing 2018

Cocos Crossing is an important landmark in Guam and every year, GVB celebrates this landmark with an event. This year too, Guam invites all swimming enthusiasts and swimmers, for the 2018 Cocos Crossing. Experience the beauty of Cocos Lagoon and the adventure of an open ocean swim, all of this along with Guam’s famed hospitality.

This event is a great swimming event showcasing the beauty and environmental richness of the lagoon, and is attended by hundreds of swimmers from across the island and the Region, to make lifelong memories.

Happening on the 27th of May 2018, you can choose from different distances of 3k, 5k or 10k to swim. When in Guam, make your accommodation plans at Days Inn, Guam.

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