Guam Futures Tennis

King’s Guam Futures Tennis Tournament 2018

Guam is a sporting nation and it shows in the various sporting events that are conducted on this Pacific Island throughout the year. Many events are of International repute and have athletes from around the world participating. One such event is the King’s Guam Futures Tennis Tournament.

The Guam Futures is an annual International Tennis Federation (ITF) Pro Circuit tournament, realized with tremendous support from the Japan Tennis Association. The summer tournament attracts touring professional tennis players worldwide to Guam to compete for coveted world-ranking points.

Being held from June 16th to 4th at the Guam Resort & Spa, this tourney sees a majority of professional players who come from Japan and other East Asian countries, as well as Australia and the United States. The tournament’s main draw features both singles and doubles play, with a qualifying round held prior to the start of main draw events.

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