Guam Tourism Push

Be Part of Guam’s Great Tourism Push

Guam gears up for an important month of tourism activity, the island nation’s premiere industry and one which the rest of the world actively looks to participate in. The Guam Visitors Bureau is hosting back-to-back regional events, including a high-level ministerial debate by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. This makes this month the Tourism Month of the Year and there is also the hovering expectation that this month would be netting a record-level number of visitor arrivals as a result of these activities. The island will be the stage for the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) summit and 12th Festival of Pacific Arts. Tourism remains a critical leg of the island’s economy, generating around 60 percent of annual business revenues and providing approximately 18,000 jobs.

This is also Guam’s first year of hosting the UN WTO summit, which not only puts the island in the spotlight but also the Micronesian region. Appropriately the PATA team adopted “Exploring the Secrets of the Blue Continent” as a theme, a nod to the vast Pacific Ocean which bridges the islands together. Hundreds of delegates from more than 30 countries are expected to attend the event.

In such a scenario, it is imperative that tourists do not miss these events and the gala celebrations that accompany such events. When in Guam, stay at Days Inn and ensure that you have a whale of a time, exploring the natural scenery of this great island nation.

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