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Storytelling culture of Guam

Chamorro culture of Guam and the folklore are brought to life through dance and music, but another very interesting way to understand this unique culture is through the local storytellers. These story tellers pass on stories about the legends of Chamorro culture and also pass on lessons that give insight into Chamorro beliefs and humor. This is the essence of the Chamorro art of storytelling.

Storytelling in Guam is an important method of passing the culture and traditions of the Chamorro tribe and this method dates back to thousands of years. Throughout history, Chamorro storytellers have educated and entertained audiences with captivating tales, skits, and poetry that are often used to convey a life lesson to the listener. To honor this tradition, an event is held every year. Lanchon Antigo is an annual storytelling event held in the beautiful southern village of Inarajan. During the festival, local storytellers keep oral tradition alive by sharing riveting legends and historical tales as well as intriguing personal stories and wartime experiences. Lanchon Antigo is an opportunity to witness a traditional Chamorro art form that lives on through master storytellers and younger emerging storytellers.

This year’s festival will also feature demonstrations and workshops in other Chamorro arts such as chanting, dancing, carving, and weaving. Entertainment, concessions and a traditional Chamorro food tasting booth will also be a big part of the festival. This event is being held at the Gef Pa’go Chamorro Cultural Village in Inarajan on November 14, 2015 from 10AM to 5PM. While in Guam for the festival, stay at Days Inn for a complete hospitality experience.

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