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6 things to know before you touchdown in Guam

Guam is beautiful, unique and complex. Understand this complex island and save time & money when you travel there. Know these important facts before you travel.
1. Chamorron is not a word: When in Guam for the first time, a lot many tourists mistake the name of Guam’s indigenous people with the misnomer ‘Chamorron.’ The correct designation, Chamorro, describes the people, language, food, and culture.
2. Hire a car, bus, or taxi to get around: Public transportation is minimal in Guam, so opt for taxi or car, or better, if you can arrange one through your hotel, that even better.
3. Guam: hot and hotter: Guam is hot, and like any Island nation, gets only hotter and more humid. So plan your attire, dresses and footwear accordingly.
4. Be typhoon ready:Since Guam is an island and has no storm sirens, it is wise to evaluate weather conditions before you go out on the water. Tsunamis are possible even if a quake strikes hundreds of miles away. June to September is storm season, so check the national news for weather updates.
5. Most of the beaches are free to enter: With the exception of a few private resorts, all other beaches in Guam are free to enter. If you see a “No Trespassing” sign, stay out.
6. Hills are the best part of Guam: Never leave Guam without visiting the hills. It’s easy enough to rent a car and drive south, stopping along the way at ocean overlooks, historical sites, cultural spots, and untamed beaches. After all, Guam is only 32 miles long. If you’re a history buff, you will also enjoy stopping at all the WWII sites, some of which even have audio tours.

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