Family Vacation In Guam

6 wonderful things to do in Guam while on Vacation with Family

Guam, a serene island in the Pacific, also known as Pearl of the Pacific, is a great place to be vacationing with family. While the island is more of Sun and sand, it has got everything to bring happiness and enjoyment to your family members, whether it is the beaches or waterfalls, river cruises or even cultural showpieces and musical events.

Here are 6 great ways to spend your vacation in Guam.

1. Beaches: Guam is much about its pearly white beaches and the fun that comes with it. You can spend days on the beach, lounging and watching as waves crash against the sun and rocks endlessly.
2. Adventure Boat Cruise: A Great way to get into the water and watch the marine life at close quarters. You can indulge in Deep Sea fishing, snorkeling and Dolphin watching by being on these cruises.
3. Tourist Attractions: SMS Cormoran, Valley of the Latte, Guam Musuem and Fish Eye Marine Park are some of the tourist attractions here, all of which are very informative in terms of marine life and Guam’s rich culture.
4. Great Nightlife: Guam has a very vibrant night life with clubs and discos lined up.
5. Shopping: Guam has its own shopping festival known as Shop Guam E-Festival and is a treat for shoppers. Apart from the shopping festival, there are also flea markets and night shopping to satisfy the shopper in you.
6. Cultural Tours: Tours that allow you to soak in the history of Guam. A great treat for history buffs, taking you through National Parks, Latte Stone Park and many more such attractions.

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