The Guam Museum

A peek into Guam’s glorious past, The Guam Museum

Guam has a rich history, be it culture, music or food, and what better way to know this glorious past than by taking a visit to The Guam Museum. Take a peek into the rich Guam history by visiting the brand new permanent exhibit at the Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum and Chamorro Educational Facility in Hagåtña. This is a huge facility, and is the first of its kind on the island, featuring interactive, state-of-the-art technology and the most complete display of Guam’s history and culture in the Chamorro language to date.

Displayed here are over 300 curated artifacts, thousands of images, multiple audios, and short films, all having been carefully pieced together in seven different galleries to guide visitors through the historical, Chamorro narrative of Guam. For those unable to decipher the local language, there are panels which describe the artifacts in both English and Chamorro languages and are also accompanied by QR codes that translate the text into Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean.

This amazing journey through time begins in the Queuing Room. There is a huge floor-to-ceiling mural of “Fo’na Creating the People of Guam”, and beyond it is a gallery filled with local artwork, in various mediums, depicting notable eras from Guam’s history, culture, and society. At the mini theatre, a short film is shown depicting the ancient Chamorro past, beginning with an animated creation story of Guam, and then transitioning into live action, to show how the seafaring Chamorro came to settle on the island. This Museum is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm.

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