Atlantis Guam

Experience Guam’s famous Atlantis Expedition

Guam provides some exhilarating adventures and among them, the most sought after and enjoyed is the world-famous Atlantis Submarine Expedition. This expedition is popular with locals and visitors alike, and frequently sells out, so if you’re looking to check out the only submarine on Guam, it’s wise to make your booking in advance. This adventure is one of a type, and plays on your mind for the rest of your life.

Atlantis plays host to some of the most spectacular water adventures you will ever experience. The adventure starts with a brisk 15-minute boat ride to the submarine berth, where you will board the 65-foot submersible, capable of holding up to 48 passengers for a 35-minute dive. The underwater experience is something that needs to be experienced as the marine life comes to you, uninhibited and so full of vibrant life. The professionals on board are knowledgeable and friendly and are more than happy to make this excursion as enjoyable and memorable to you as possible by pointing out the schools of various fish and features of Guam’s life-sustaining reef.

Staying at Days Inn, Guam is another experience that will give you some unforgettable experiences, as the property and hospitality are amongst the best on this pacific island.

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