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Fish Eye at Guam

Guam’s vast diversity is well known, what is also famous in Guam is the great sea life and the great ecology it supports along the Pacific. With some 900 species found in the waters, Guam’s reefs harbor more fish than any other location in the United States, and the Fish Eye Marine Park – Guam’s first and only underwater observatory – is a perfect place to view many of the species that call Guam home.

This underwater observatory is the perfect place for kids and adults alike to learn about the vast sea life in Guam’s waters. This venue attracts close to 200,000 people every year. Because the area is a designated one of Guam’s Marine Preserves, many species are attracted to this area of plentiful food, making it a popular breeding ground where schools of fish congregate safely.

The Marine Park was built with a goal to become an island resource for marine study for schools and youth organizations, and a place where the world can observe and appreciate underwater life. When in Guam, book your stay at Days Inn and enjoy the island to the fullest.

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