Guam heritage sites

Get to Know about the unknown Heritage Sites in Guam

Guam’s history dates back to more than a century and this island is home to a few lesser known heritage sites, that can interest the history buff. A couple of such sites are Sumay and Tarague.

Sumay’s history dates before the Spanish colonial period. Though Sumay opposed Spanish colonization, eventually had to surrender and be under the Spanish rule. The Spaniards kept a settlement at Sumay, and its easy access to San Luis de Apra Harbor made it a favorite anchorage town for whalers and other sailors. Later on, being a busy port, Sumay became a busy point for naval shipping operations of the US. Because military shipping and communications centered around Sumay, it was one of the first areas to be bombed when the Japanese attacked on December 8, 1941. Presently, Sumay is a property of the U S Naval Base.

Another heritage site that can be of interest is Tarague. Tarague is a geographic place name given to the northern littoral of the island of Guam, between Mergagan Point to the west and Tagua Point to the east. The landscape at Tarague consists of the sea and coral reef, the lagoon and coastal plain, a limestone beach and towering limestone cliff. Freshwater is easily available in wells and a number of surge channels created by freshwater runoff are present along the coastal margin. The presence of pictographs (cave wall drawings) inside a limestone cave at Tarague was initially noted by Hans Hornbostel in the 1920s. Like Sumay, currently, Tarague is located within the Andersen Air Force Base.

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