Solo Backpacking in Guam

Guam, the Solo Backpackers Ultimate destination

Solo adventures are fun, especially when you are backpacking. As a backpacker, what are you looking for when you plan your next adventure? A great place to unwind, trek and enjoy the scenic surroundings, right? Look no further than Guam, known for its beaches, mountains, scenic beauty and adventure, all in equal measure.

Guam offers a bit of everything to interest the traveler in you. While you have beaches to unwind, the north and south directions lead you to the volcanic mountains and the limestone plateau. Trek as much as you can and you will want to come back here for more action. The island is such that being a backpacker, will only push you to be more adventurous.

If trekking does not satisfy your appetite for adventure, there is water all around for you to indulge. An array of water sports is a major attraction that everyone would love experiencing. This adventure menu includes beach activities, parasailing, Jet skiing and even Dolphin watching. Add to it some underwater activities like diving with the sharks, and it is surely an experience worth a lifetime. There is also the Submarine expedition to vet your appetite.

Are you one for the skies? If yes, an adventure that can literally take you to the top of the world is Skydiving in Guam. This is the perfect adrenaline boost. If you are looking at staying options, there are hotels in Guam, which pamper you and serve you delectable cuisine to take care of your hunger pangs as well as give you a taste of the exotic.

Are you still waiting to take that trip?

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