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Love the Food this Valentines Day at Guam

Food is the elixir of life and if you can gorge on delicious food, there is nothing like it! Guam prides on being a food paradise and promises to elevate you to a different level altogether with some delicious lip smacking delicacies. Grilled or baked, barbequed or poached, Guam has a wide array of restaurants offering everything. Most major hotels and restaurants here serve quality continental meals, exotic ethnic dishes as well as a wide variety of eastern cuisine.

Seafood is a big draw in Guam. Fresh fish, lobsters, crabs, Octopus and many more are available in abundance. These are either grilled or baked with vegetables or fruit, sashimi, and in other imaginative ways unique to the Pacific. As we approach Valentines’ Day, impress the love of your life with some delicious food, unique to this lovely island. If you are a food connoisseur and would want to be more adventurous, you will even find Chamorro, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Mexican, and European restaurants, each with its’ own distinct flavour and cuisine. And if you want to grab a quick bite, there are also American fast food joints on the go.

Days Inn at Guam, close to Tumon Bay, gives you all this and more. Cali Cafe’ offers some delicious dining options for those staying here. So book your tickets and fly to Guam to gorge on delicious food.

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