Scuba Diving in Guam

Scuba Diving in Guam, a great way to start your New Year

Guam offers many entertainment avenues for the avid traveler in you, and Scuba diving is one of them. If you love marine life and are keen to explore the depths of the ocean, this activity is best for you. For years, Guam’s waters were one of the world’s best-kept secrets when it came to scuba diving.

Guam’s reefs are colorful, gorgeous and teeming with life, from the colorful coral heads to the multitudes of sea creatures that call them home. Guam has several companies that specialize in beginner lessons for the curious, and they can also certify you all the way to mastery.

Guam’s beaches are among the best in the world, and many of Guam’s beautiful blue sights are just off its shores; while others are a quick boat ride away. With great rates and highly qualified instructors to help you explore the depths, scuba diving here will enthrall you, no doubt.

Explore the wonders of the undersea and you’ll soon find that some of the best that Guam has to offer is hidden from plain sight! While in Guam, book your stay at Days Inn and Wyndham Gardens, hotels that offer great competitive rates and a perfect ambience.

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