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Why is a wedding in Guam a hot trend in Asia?

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Having your wedding in Guam and honeymooning there seems to be the ‘in-thing’ in Asia these days. So what draws wedding parties and honeymooners to this tiny island nation in the Marinas?

There’s a reason why Guam has just been voted the “Most Romantic Tour” at the 2014 Hong Kong International Travel Expo’s (ITE) “New Travel Routings Contest” co-organized by ITE and U Magazine for the second consecutive time.

Miles of pristine beaches with sugar soft sand, crystalline blue waters, swaying palm fronds serenading you, quaint oceanfront churches to exchange your marriage vows and a genial island culture that welcomes you with warmth and hospitality. Now if that does not inspire the romantic in you, how about an appeal to the pragmatic in you? Guam offers wedding and honeymoon packages to suit every budget and level of luxury.

These are just a few of the many reasons that are drawing couples to tie the knot in this beautiful island paradise and in 2013 alone, Guam had a whopping 1.33 million visitors of which 4.5% were wedding or honeymoon travelers.

Besides the charms of a tropical milieu, Guam also offers plenty of fun-filled activities for newly weds to engage in during their stay here and the islands many hotels, resorts, restaurants and entertainment centers with their wide range of offerings have something for everyone in a wedding party, making the event more memorable for family and friends.

The fact that Guam lies quite close to Asia and is easily accessible by direct flight services that are not more than three or four hours also makes it a wedding and honeymoon hotspot.

And with this popular choice award for the second time in a row, Guam only looks forward to see more young couples and if you are one of them, allow us at Days Inn to host you. We have room for your entire entourage. But that is not the only reason you should choose us.

Days Inn Guam is ideally located with easy access to beaches, churches, parks, fine dining, indoor and outdoor activities including watersports and cruises, and shopping. We offer comfortable and spacious rooms that are value for money and our caring and ever helpful staff will be glad to serve you and help you make beautiful memories.

Come to Days Inn Guam and take home some happy memories!

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