Guam’s History, in the form of WWII sites, a journey through time

A trip to Guam is not complete if you haven’t seen the WWII sites, relics that remind you of how crucial a battleground Guam was, during the World War II. Guam is home to more than a dozen World War II sites. Due to its unique geographical location, Guam was a pivotal point for both the Axis and Allied powers during the War. This shows when you have a look at the sites that remind you of the War.

Even though the island has been a possession of the United States since 1898, Japan took control in December 1941. In July 1944, U.S. Marines landed on both sides of Guam, and by early August their counterattacks had taken a serious toll on Japanese troops, solidifying the U.S. forces’ trek to victory.

The different sites include underwater shipwrecks, a grassy hillside having intact, the weapons shelters as well as solemn memorials to Japanese and U.S. soldiers. Pay your respects at the sites of the Tinta and Faha massacre that claimed the lives of nearly 50 Chamorro men and women. Guam is also home to the only National Park Service facility dedicated to the Pacific Theater of World War II.

Since most sites are accessible only on foot via hiking trails, make sure you are prepared with suitable clothing, footwear, sunscreen, and water. And of course, a camera can be one of the best ways to capture history, allowing you to share this special part of your vacation for years to come.

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