Amazing Food Paradise in Guam

Guam has beaches, great music, an array of arts and artists and then Guam has excellent food. This pacific island is a haven of culinary offerings, with a wide range of restaurants offering delicacies starting from continental food to exotic eastern cuisine, local exotic delights to international delicacies.

Fresh sea food is a great draw here, with plenty available. Fresh fish, along with some other exotic delicacies like octopus, lobsters and crabs are in plenty and they are cooked in innovative ways, unique to the Pacific region. These are either grilled or baked with vegetables or fruit, sashimi, and in other imaginative ways. For those visiting this island, there is no dearth of food of your country, whichever part of the globe you are from. Travelers will find Chamorro, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Mexican, and European restaurants, each with its own distinct ambiance. American fast food chains are also a big draw here, with many American tourists visiting here.

When you visit Guam and would want to experience the unique culture and food available, book your accommodation at Days Inn. This hotel, apart from offering a great stay and impeccable service, also offers you the opportunity to taste some mind blowing food at their in house restaurant, the newly opened Cali Café.

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