Agat Mango Festival

Festival of King of Fruits, Agat Mango Festival in Guam

Guam has natural resources that are wonders and can be enjoyed by all. This is the season of Mangoes and Guam is a treasure trove of this lovely and tasty fruit.

Come May 25 till May 27, 2018, Guam hosts the Agat Mango Festival. This event is a great eye opener to the varieties of Mango that Guam grows. A lovely event, this is an enjoyable event for both participants and visitors; with a platter of mango activities, contests, displays, entertainment, food and fun.

There shall be various booths and demonstrations on mango recipes and cooking methods as well. When you travel to Guam, to have a glimpse of great hospitality, book your accommodation at Days Inn, Guam.

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